hypnosis basics


Rest assured that hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis.  My role as I see it, is to teach you self hypnosis so you can be– as I tell my youngest clients– ‘the boss of your brain‘.   That means being able to block negative or repetitive thinking and focus on healthy ideas;  to leave behind belief systems and habits that aren’t working and discover your superior future.


Most of us know what we want.  So why do we procrastinate on projects that will bring us closer to our goals, find it difficult to quit unhealthy habits, or keep landing in the same unsatisfying relationships?

No matter how hard we consciously work to improve our lives and bring about healthy, productive changes, the subconscious mind only wants one thing– to stick with what it knows, to stay in a comfort zone of familiarity.  The subconscious mind works very hard to keep us in our “knowns” even if that prevents us from achieving our conscious wishes and goals.


Hypnosis is a focused state of relaxation– similar to meditation– where we circumvent the subconscious mind’s natural resistance to change.

Whether it is taking an airplane flight free of anxiety, getting control of eating or reaching career goals, hypnosis works to change old associations and create new ways of thinking and being that will not only end habits and fears, but ultimately attract what the client most wants in their lives.