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Welcome to Invitation Hypnosis

Welcome to Invitation Hypnosis

Welcome to Invitation HypnosisWelcome to Invitation HypnosisWelcome to Invitation Hypnosis

WhY Seek hypnosis?


fears & phobias

Using visual journeys, physical anchors and practical tips, clients have gone from not being able to drive to the airport to flying around the world. Kristin recommends minimum 3 sessions before a flight.  (But in a pinch one session can bring some relief.)  


overcoming Romantic loss Or Past trauma

A broken heart can be a painful, even physical sensation. Past trauma can trigger physiological responses in the present.  Using hypnosis, NLP and guided visualization we can work to bring  relief to body and mind and see the way forward toward a  superior future.  


Goal Achievement

What is it you want to achieve? If you haven't reached your goals do you suspect you may have subconscious blocks?

 Whether you're looking for a  healthy relationship or to take your career to the next level,  we will dive deep to release old habits,  heal family wounds and put a stop to  self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. 

KRISTIN Ellingson, C. HT.

Montana Los Angeles

A native of Montana, Kristin attended NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and The Hypnosis Motivation Institute.  She is a member of the American Hypnosis Association and a twenty year member  of the WGA.  





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